Community Development and Conservation

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The conservation of wildlife, abiding by strict guidelines for sustainable practices and the development of local communities are integral to the business model and philosophy.

Conservation Programs

Asteya Hotels being a chain of wildlife conservation resort in India would like to utilize the lodges as a base to conduct various conservation programs.  Reforestation programs, reducing the dependence of tribal communities on firewood for which they tend to deplete the forest cover especially in buffers, lobbying to introduce policies to further protect national parks and sanctuaries for wildlife conservation in India and also the corridors that connect them are a few major conservation programs initiated by Asteya Hotels.

Community Development

The company will address the unsatisfactory social services in tribal villages, support healthcare projects by conducting free health clinics, sponsoring mobile hospitals (buses converted into clinics) and assist in bettering healthcare infrastructure. In addition, Asteya will promote educational programs within tribal villages by recruiting volunteers firewood.

Current Updates

Guide Training at Mukki-30
Guide Training at Mukki-32
Guide Training at Mukki-17

  • The team at Asteya Kanha assisted to educate and train six tribal women as guides. These women had no sustainable source of income and the training helped them with the capability to be meaningfully employed by the forest department or the lodges in Kanha. Madhuri, one amongst these six girls, is currently working as a full-time guide at our Kanha property. We will continue with our efforts to train Madhuri further and improve her language and guiding skills.Given above are a few images from the training schedule.
  • Akshendra, our corporate chef has been involved in setting up a cafeteria and training a team of tribal housewives in cooking and effectively running the cafeteria. This has provided another sustainable source of income for the local community.
  • First aid training camp and free health check-up for staff and their families.
  • Asteya Kanha has an operational organic farm to enhance the experience for guest from a sustainability perspective. We practice 100% chemical and synthetic pesticide and fertilizer free farming and aim to protect the soil while at the same time providing guests with organic and fresh produce.