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Kanha National Park in MP, India, the land of the Baiga nomadic tribe from central India which practiced shifting cultivation, is one of the first (of nine) Tiger Reserves which came under Indian governments protection act in 1973.


Kanha National Park, MP, India is nestled in the Maikal range of the Satpura hills. The landscape is undulating, with rocky ridges and flat grassy meadows. Considered by some as India’s greatest park, an excellent habitat for many mammals and bird species. The area as a whole has a long history of protection, dating back to 1933, were eventually declared a national park in 1955. The reserve also harbours 43 species of mammals, including predators like the leopard, and wild dog, herbivores like the Gaur (the largest cattle in the world), Sambar and Spotted Deer, and scavengers like the Striped Hyena and Indian Jackal. The reserve is also rich in avifauna with almost 325 species of birds. Waterbirds include storks, teals, pintails, herons and egrets. Peafowl, jungle fowl, partridge and quail are the common ground birds. Birds of prey include eagles and kites. While scavengers include vultures, among the nocturnal birds, are owls, owlets and nightjars.


The lowland forest is a mixture of Sal (Shorea robusta) and other mixed forest trees, interspersed with meadows. The highland forests are the tropical moist dry deciduous type and of a completely different nature with bamboo on slopes (Dendrocalamus Strictus). Being a wildlife conservation resort, Asteya Kanha Resort offers wildlife safaris in Kanha National Park that supports a viable population of tigers and an endemic population of the hard ground Barasingha.


Several tribes, among whom the Gonds are the most prominent, inhabit the central Indian plateau in Madhya Pradesh. The Gonds are a supported racial affinity to the aboriginals of Australia.

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